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Q&B Hairdressing Academy
Ladies and gentlemen, we are meeting your expectations.
With us, you can spread the cost of your training, bot
h online and stationary, into interest-free installments with the pay later service. We hope that this will help our students in their dreams and development, which you can now implement immediately without waiting for available finances.  
With us, you can build your own empire based on the highest level of skills, creativity and qualifications.
Join the beauty industry today!

hair extension keratin treatment polska akademia fryzjerska w uk


Have you ever heard of us?

As a brand of creative hairdressing, we had the pleasure to cooperate and sponsor the Miss Poland organization and support young, beautiful and talented women in this beautiful event.

On the way to the top

In today’s dynamic world, we must constantly search for new knowledge and skills in order to be successful. Our success is thousands of satisfied students who are constantly making progress in the industry. We deal with international, original and accredited by a British company stationary and online training in the field of creative hairdressing, which is conducted by an experienced and highly qualified instructor Ismena Felskowska. As a brand, we use our extensive work experience to teach winning strategies that enable our students to gain skills faster and easier.


About the instructor

Ismena Felskowska – creator of the Queens of Beauty brand, at the same time a highly qualified hairdresser and trainer in the dynamically developing international academy.
The instructor has:
– journeyman and master hairdressing qualifications
– instructor qualification in the field of hair extensions
– instructor qualification in the field of keratin reconstruction
– IQ CUT advanced cutting qualification
– qualification of the advanced CUT & COLOR training,
– pedagogical qualification necessary for teaching
– 12 years of experience in the profession
– 8 years of experience in running your own business
– British training accreditation that is internationally recognized.


What can we teach you?

Queens of Beauty Academy will help you achieve success,give you the opportunity to achieve goals and develop in today’s competitive world.
We have developed an unparalleled curriculum that focuses on the practical application of the material.
This allows students to start using their newly acquired skills immediately after completing the course.





- kerabotoplasty

- nanoplasty

- nano botox

- brazilian keratin

- acrylic keratin

- microrings

- nanorings

-ice gel extension

- tape in

- tubes

- shrink tubes

- mini keratin bonds

- rings weft

- braids weft

and more.

Are you looking for a satisfying career in the hair & beauty industry?

Our comprehensive programs are designed to give you the skills and knowledge you need to excel in the exciting world of creative hairdressing. Our academy will guide you through all the stages, from basic cutting and styling techniques to advanced coloring treatments, hair extensions, keratin treatments and micropigmentation.

With hands-on training and a focus on the latest trends and techniques, our courses will prepare you for a successful and rewarding career in this field. Whether you're just starting out or looking to improve your skills, our hairdressing courses are the perfect choice for anyone looking to thrive in the top-notch hairdressing market.

Plus, with a flexible schedule and affordable study options, it's never been easier to pursue your dreams and become a successful professional stylist.


Ladies and gentlemen, we meet your expectations, with us you can spread the cost of your training, both online and stationary, into interest-free installments with the pay later service. The whole process takes a few moments, without filling up unnecessary piles of documents.


Don't wait - sign up for our hairdressing training today and take the first step towards a career in the hair&beauty industry!


Stay updated! 

Follow training reports, progress of our students and news that appear with us!

They play a huge role for us in business life and are the main work tool, used, among others, to acquire customers and build relationships between the client or student. We hope that our daily work can be an inspiration and at the same time a motivation for developing students, which is why we make every effort to run our media very actively and reliably. If you would like to know what is going on with us, we invite you to our virtual world.

Stationary training

- Theory- Instructor demonstration
- The student’s work on training heads and on live models
- Ongoing post
- Training support
- Constant access to training materials
- Access and a permanent discount on the luxury line of hair products
- Certificate
Classroom training is conducted only in Polish language.
To make an appointment and any question, please contact us.

Online training

- Long-term access to the theoretical and practical part

- Very detailed theory with the content of the most valuable tips and our patents

- Instructional videos covering the procedure from the basics to the end.

- Instructor show

- Access on luxury line hair cosmetics.

- Certificate

Our training on your salon

Our dynamically developing international academy has its stationary points throughout England, and we also train in Poland, Spain and the Netherlands.  Many renowned salons already cooperate with us, many of the best professionals have trusted us and we have changed the lives of hundreds of students.  If you would like to introduce a bit of training life to your salon - we invite you to cooperate.


Dziękujemy za przesłanie!

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